Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5. 2014 Elder Anderson

I don't need anything. Were you able to get your hands on the Lindsey Stirling Deluxe album? 

I did send Arden a Birthday Card, I did not get the picture from your phone.
I will probably have to end up Skyping on Sunday for Mother's Day, I will see if we can use some iPads or something. I will want to make a Skype, when you get it made you will want to email me your Skype name so I can find you. If all else fails I will just call and we will set up a way to video from there.

We should be getting a third missionary tomorrow, nobody is really sure. This last week had been a mess for mission leadership. The president was out of town for a while and Elder Anderson came to town. No other Elders that I know of are leaving the mission to Brazil with me. Elder Gillespie is staying in this area. Not even the zone leaders are totally sure on transfers.

I don't know when I will be heading to the airport,. If nobody tells me I probably end up calling President.
I forgot my card reader, hopefully someone has one I can borrow for a moment. I am just worried about some of my less-handsome pictures ending up on facebook.

Arden had told me much about prom and Mormon prom, I got the prom pictures. Arden looks really good.

This week was a pretty good week. On Friday everyone got a call from the Assistant's saying that Elder Pieper, Elder Matinez, Elder Parker (from the 70) and Elder Anderson (yeah, the apostle) would be coming to talk to the Missionaries on Saturday. So the Mission got scrambled together on Saturday at the Knightdale building. Get got to shake hands with and be taught by 3 70's and a Member of the Twelve. Elder Anderson shared some enlightening things on serving in the South and how they assign missionaries. He also told us to use the Book of Mormon to convert people. Nothing extremely revolutionary, but still very good. I learned a lot.
Other then Elder Anderson coming, this week was pretty normal.
Sorry about ranting about Sister Missionaries last week. I was just a little jealous because they are just better at doing missionary work.

Today for Preparation day we are planning to go to Duke Gardens and the Duke Chapel and Q-Shack. We have a part-member family feeding us fajitas for Cinco de Mayo. 

Love Elder Gibb

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