Saturday, August 31, 2013

Visa Status Letter

Dear Elder Gibb:

Visa Status

By now you are aware that your visa to Brazil has not yet been approved. While this is undoubtedly a disappointment, please know that we are doing everything possible to secure your visa. We will notify you immediately when it is received. We ask that you and your family members not do anything, such as call or e-mail the consulate, to try to secure your visa more quickly. Such actions may actually slow down the visa process already in place.

While you are waiting, your mission experience in the United States will prove to be a great blessing in
your preparation to serve in Brazil. We encourage you to work hard, remain focused, and be involved in all aspects of missionary work. As you serve the people in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission,  your testimony and ability to teach will increase, you will set the pattern of study and hard work for the rest of your mission, and you will come to love the people.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as you dedicate yourself to  preaching the gospel to those who are seeking and ready to accept your invitation to come unto Christ.

E. G.
Assistant Executive Director

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Elder Gibb:
At this time, we have not received your vise to travel to your mission  You will be serving a temporary assignment in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission until your visa arrives.

.......I am excited. I kinda wanted to go East Coast for reassignment.  Elder. Blackner is going to South Carolina, I am able to go and look at my mission boundary.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Will Find Me Here.... When the VISA arrives.

The MTC is great, but I want to be here!
Overall doing pretty well. I have been thinking and even if it took  3 months from my Visa after leaving the MTC.... if I at least got the last year and a half in Cuiaba I would be happy.
Last Tuesday we had Elder Richard G Scott come to our devotional. And on Sunday we had Vai Sikahema come and speak, Google him.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MTC Week 3 - Half Way Through the Training

Minha Querido Familia,
Picture of our Room and Elder Phipps, my companhiero who got his Visa, and has left for Brazil already.

I want videos for me to watch of Corbin on goofy meds when I get home from Brazil.  (Referring to Corbin's tonsil surgery today.)
I have plenty of food. Good job, those where the exact shorts and pants I wanted.  And I love the Wasabi Nuts.
Keep your eye out to see if they make a MoTab and Lindsey Stirling recording
I haven't heard any news about doing missionary work through facebook yet.
I found out that we have a couple rooms of international missionaries on our floor. Very cool, I like to practice my Portuguese with the Native Brazilians who live there. The are also Elders from Tonga, Chile, Mexico, Tahiti, Micronesia, Hong Kong and Tonga on our from. I got to help  an Elder from Belgium write a letter in English to his family.
I am doing pretty well, my sore throat is going away. Just studying hard.
Tell Corbin that I love him. And if you could remind him to download the Free Xbox game for this month to my account that would be cool.
Tell Weston that I love him too, I hope he has fun with my computer.
Arden knows I love her.

Elder Gibb.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Second Week at the MTC

I am doing very well; the indigestion from the cafeteria food has seems to have subsided. I did start getting sick on Thursday night; I got a blessing from Elder Phipps on Saturday and started to feel better the next morning. My ears were still plugged up yesterday so I went to the Doctor and he gave me some antibiotics from my ear infection. I am doing pretty well now.  (Oops....Mom is feeling very guilty about that, she had untreated strep when Nolan left.)

Elder Phipps got his Visa last Friday and left last night for Sao Paulo.  Elder Phipps entered the MTC same day as I did.  I am now companions with my other two roommates, Elder Foster and Elder Blalock.
Elder Blackners' class is right down the hall from mine, he is in the same class with an Elder from my BYU ward.

Music is working just fine. If you guys would find a recording of The MoTab Choir with Lindsey Stirling (Violin), that would be top notch.

Care package is great just what I needed. The days are starting to melt together when we are this busy, at least I am not bored.

Oh, if you find an Elder Lowe in the Seattle Mission. I know him from BYU summer. 

I might not be able to send pictures this week.

Love, Elder Nolan Gibb