Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MTC Week 3 - Half Way Through the Training

Minha Querido Familia,
Picture of our Room and Elder Phipps, my companhiero who got his Visa, and has left for Brazil already.

I want videos for me to watch of Corbin on goofy meds when I get home from Brazil.  (Referring to Corbin's tonsil surgery today.)
I have plenty of food. Good job, those where the exact shorts and pants I wanted.  And I love the Wasabi Nuts.
Keep your eye out to see if they make a MoTab and Lindsey Stirling recording
I haven't heard any news about doing missionary work through facebook yet.
I found out that we have a couple rooms of international missionaries on our floor. Very cool, I like to practice my Portuguese with the Native Brazilians who live there. The are also Elders from Tonga, Chile, Mexico, Tahiti, Micronesia, Hong Kong and Tonga on our from. I got to help  an Elder from Belgium write a letter in English to his family.
I am doing pretty well, my sore throat is going away. Just studying hard.
Tell Corbin that I love him. And if you could remind him to download the Free Xbox game for this month to my account that would be cool.
Tell Weston that I love him too, I hope he has fun with my computer.
Arden knows I love her.

Elder Gibb.

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