Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014 - Now in Chapel Hill NC


I was transferred to the Chapel Hill 2nd Ward/Area.
Chapel Hill is a nice area. We have part of the UNC campus in our area. We had a lot of snow on Thursday and Friday.
We have lots of different people that we teach. There is even a Brazilian Recent convert I can practice Portuguese with, his name is Allan. He is 28.  He has lived in the states since November.
We also have a lot of Burmese (people from Burma) that we teach. They don't understand too much English, so it is hard to teach them. They also have almost no Burmese reading materials. No Book of Mormon. No church website, no General Conference.

My new companion is Elder Gillespie.

Love,  Elder Gibb

Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer Tomorrow

I am a excited and nervous. Don't know where I am going. It is fun being the "new guy" though.
We had a big snowball fight between us and the Spanish elders. It was an enjoyable time.
This week was pretty normal. Just starting to back so I can go to a different part of "Norf" Carolina. Hopefully I will find my visa there.   :D
Mom keeps sending me too much candy. I am starting to get fat. Oh well. It will just fall off in Brazil.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The things in the box are great, I like all of it. I like the applets more then the cotlets though.
I am going to ask that you limit your future boxes to small boxes. Anything more then a small box is just too stuff.
Yeah it snowed last week, we had almost 3 inches. I havn't been to the temple circa September.
I am glad you had a nice super bowl party.
This week was a pretty normal week. Except the snow.
Leave it to the Seahawks to win when I am not around.
Another Elder in my MTC district got his Visa. -_-
I like the photos of the kids Seahawks shirts. I kind of get to rub in win in everyones faces. Although I don't, because I am a missionary, and I don't really like football anyway.
Just waitin' for the visa to come through.