Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014 - Found the Holy Grail

Hey Family!

Congrats on having the Elders over on Christmas. Little presents for Elders is a good Idea. Subway and Chocolate would be what I would want. They might call home from your house, if you have doubt, just ask them. We have 2 P Days this week and next week. For Christmas and New Year.

To be prepared for the call? I just have the laptop to on, Skype open and the sound on, when I call you will know because Skype will make noises. I should be calling from here after 4 o clock my time.

Difference about Christmas? There are many. There are not as many Christmas lights or decorations. The whole deal of a Sleigh and reindeer is almost non existent. There Christmas music is a bit different. Everything is super commercialized here. They have black Friday here too. They Christmas trees are not as big

The 70 has a regular job and stuff, he works at a glass company, Obviously he works a little higher up then the normal lacky. But he travels a lot being a 70. His name is Elder Capalette, I think that how you spell it.

Being a Zone leader is a lot of responsibility. There is a lot of extra stuff we have to do. The zone is the entire Cuiabá stake. We have to do a Zone meeting once a transfer. We also have to divisions with all of the District leaders and the assistants do divisions with us. We have to fix any problems between people and the other Elders behavior and stuff. We have to pass all the numbers to the assistants and to the people in the office.
Elder Yezzi family is all members. He speaks a few words of English. He is helping me with Portuguese and I help with English.

Oh! I found a store this week that sells Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They are 3R$ for each. I was very happy.

So, you might want to sit down, here is our Spiritual experience for this week.

Today we were walking to the Church to go play soccer when a Guy on a Motorcycle stopped in Front of us on the side walk. He pulled out a gun and demanded our phones and money. We did not know if the gun was real, but we did not want to find out, so Elder Yezzi gave the guy our Nokia Brick Phone and about 12R$ in 2R$ notes (the smallest note Brazil has, which he luckily received as change from the bus station). I started to pull out the lone 20R$ I had with me. 
After examining the phone and Yezzi's small amount of money, I think he looked at our name tags. Because he asked if we where "from around here". We told him "No". Our Gun-Wielding, Moto-Driving friend returned our Brick and Yezzi's 2R$ collection and drove away.  I think he was expecting a nice smart smart phone and something larger then a 2R$ bills.
So, don't worry mom, we are just fine and we did not lose anything. 

Até logo,
 Elder Gibb