Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21 - At the Brazil MTC

Thanks for the B-Day card, that was a nice suprise.
Yeah, so our P-Day is today, Wednesday, but we are not going to the temple. The Area President for Brazil shut down São Paulo because the "bus system for São Pualo shut down and there is supposed to be riots" so no missionaries in whole São Pualo can´t leave the campus today. That also means no shopping, I wanted to go out and buy some tasty Brazilian candy.
I really have not heard much about getting to Cuiabá, I think they will be flying me in and I think I leave on Tuesday.
The food here is alot better then Provo, we are still allowed to eat as much as we want. Is is all "ethnic food".
Typically Breakfat or Desjejum consists of fruit, cereal, and panini grilled sandwiches. Kind of strange. And I was really liking the sandwiches, they kind of get old after eating them for 8 mornings straight. And the Brazilians call them "sandwiches", the same word in English, but with a heavy Portuguese accent.
Lunch (Almoço) and Dinner (Juntar) are more or less the same meals. We typically have some kind of protein for the main dish, like chicken or a pork chop thing, with some link of mash potato or corn starch thing. They also have a salad and fruit bar. And they always have rice and beans, always. For drinking  they have lots of different kinds of juice I had never had before. They also have Guaraná on tap.
Overall it is pretty tasty. My stomach has had to do a bit of adjusting. Not to bad. 
We like to sit with the Brasileiros (Brazilians) so we can talk to them. I can understand most of what they say if they don´t talk too fast. Some time I am able to pick up on what they are saying and give a funny comment or two.
My companion is Elder Sharp, he is a good missionary. He is also really funny. He also looks exactly like Incredi-Boy or Syndrome from the Incredibles.
We have 6 people in our room, 4 North American Elders, 1 from Capo Verde and and 1 from São Paulo. The other two elders don´t really speak English so we have to talk Portuguese to them. It is good practice.
This week we did "Prosilitismo", we took the São Paulo bus system to the "Theater Municipal" (google it), where we we street contacted people and tried placing books of Mormon. It was alot of fun, the people are a bit tricky to understand. We ended up giving away two book of Mormons. and having a prayer with a really drunk, really high man. São Paulo is totally nuts, like really crazy. I don´t know if they have street view for the Teatro Municipal, but worth looking at.
São Paulo is HUGE, like really Huge, the sky scrapers go to the horizon way bigger then any city in the US.

I am doing pretty good.

Love you all!

- Elder Gibb

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