Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 - Someone Call for an Ambulance?

An old Ambulance out side of our house. It is Cuiabá, Walking Dead Edition
It is weird not having a 4th of July, but every time Brazil Scores (in the world cup) there are fireworks.  This last game was real crazy, it was a super close game between Brazil and Chile.  They tied all the way through overtime, and then went to a penalty shoot-out, at that point entire Cuiaba was cheering and screaming, and as many firework as they had, Brazil must have ended up winning.

It had been "cold"  in Cuiaba the past few days, it feels good to have a change, something other than the burning sun.

This week  ate a Churro filled with hot fudge.

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