Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 Cuiaba

Brasil did win their last game, now they only have to win two more to win the cup, but their best player, Naymar is out for injury, so it will not be easy for them. The United States qualified for the finals but they were beat by Belgium, they were missing some players from their team for injury too. The star player for the US plays for the Seattle sounders. The US team also has the best Goalie in the World.

It is good Corbin is helping. Hopefully he learns to eat different kinds of foods. The strangest thing I have eaten so far is pig skins. They are really chewy and still have the hair on them.

I hope that MRHS just gets a teacher that is good as Monty or Foz.
I don't really need a ton of US stuff.  If  I needed things from the US they would probably be more deodorant and drymax socks. I am afraid that my socks will wear out, by they are holding well to far. I for sure. will run out of deodorant. Oh and for sure some peanut butter cups and peanut butter M&Ms

To do laundry we have small washing machine. It is not the most efficient in the world, but it gets the job done. To help keep my shirts white I soak them in detergent water for a day and them wash them. Then I have soap bar thing which a scrub on the collars or where ever to help too. Them we have two drying racks in our kitchen.

I'll get picture of the apartment probably after the game tomorrow, when I mop and sweep the house.

This week was pretty normal, the other Elders did not some to church this week because one had really bad diarrhea and vomiting.
Sacrament meeting ended after 50 minutes because we don't really have that many people in our ward to do testimonies.

We finally got our own copy of the ward member list, now we cant sort through all of the members in our area who are less active and start working with them.

We did not have any investigators at Church with us this week, they all say they will go, but they don't. Some things never change.

This week's snack adventure was Kinder Egg flavored milk shakes, yes it exists. Very tasty. Also they have a store here where I can buy kinder eggs for 4R$ or 2 dollars.

Our area is generally a rich area, we can teach in the rich areas, it is a little more difficult to get into the home but its still possible.  If we want to teach a lot of lessons we go to the poor areas. The poor neighborhoods are very interesting, they have dirt roads and the sewage from some home flows wherever it likes. The people in those neighborhoods are just about as open as the people in the rich neighborhoods, but they are typically more friendly and less busy. The really challenge that people in Brasil have is commitment, they say they will do something, but it usually does not happen.

To get to the poorer neighborhoods we have to walk through the College Campus. Which have  a TON of cats living on it. And in Cuiaba, I am pretty sure all of the cats are related. Typically the cats come in 4 types. black (like Toby), black and white tuxedo (like domino), Siamese (like Simone) or calico. They are deviations, but not too often.

Love, Elder Gibb

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