Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 - Coxipó is said like "Co - she - po"

I don't have any pictures right now, I am  not quite brave enough to bring my camera outside of the apartment. We are at a "lan house" right now, which is just a really nice internet cafe with lot's of video games. Don't worry, I will not play them. (Emphesis on the "I")

My portuguese is coming back just fine, it is a bit tricky to understand some of the natives, they have some heavy accents.

The members here are really great and very supportive of the missionaries. We have an Almoço (lunch) every day. They cook very well. We always have rice and beans and soda pop, usually Coca Cola or Guaraná. 
We have a ward (not a branch). We just got a new bishop this week.
I am already starting to lose weight, we do alot of walking. And also, the big meal is lunch and I can't eat as much that early in the day. The heat and exercise also act as appetite suppressant.

Right now I have two companions, Elder Watchman and Elder França. They are nice. 
Elder Watchman is from Utah and Elder França is from São Paulo.
Our apartment is way to small for 3 Elders, one of them will be leaving soon. Our apartment may be small, but it is nice. We have a microwave, fridge, and a big gas stove/oven. The shower head that makes warm water is broken, so it is only cold showers for us. That is fine, because it is always hot, and I have gotten used to the cold water. Our sink has a filter on it, so we can have good water whenever. And the people here all drink filtered water or soda. The best thing about our apartment is that we have an AIR CONDITIONING unit in our bedroom. I was very pleased to find this out. Very few mission apartments have them.

The culture of the mission here is a bit difference, most Elders don't feel the same way about working hard and being obedient as they do in the states. The missionaries here are good at teaching lessons though, so they have their strengths. 

It´s really hot there, like really, really hot. I am getting used to it, but WOW it is hot.

The senior missionaries had to wait for their VISAs at home for a few months. They are really nice. They will be a big help to the mission and the mission president. They did not go to the MTC,

Coxipó is said like "Co - she - po" 
I don;t know our address. But we kind of live by "3 Américas".

Well, I am going to get off  for now, save my internet cafe money so I can have more for next week

Love, Elder Gibb

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