Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

How do you decide who drives when you have the corrolla? The senior companion always drives.
We had a general authority come to our Ward Conference this week. We went to the adult part of the third hour, I was the only one in the ward that could answer question of why we don't have sacrament in Stake or General Conference.   It was because the Bishop, the one presiding the Ward, have the keys over the Aaronic priesthood, and sacrament is an Aaronic priesthood ordinance. So, I impressed the General area authority guy.
I am pretty sure my hair line has started receding just a tiny but on the corners of my temple. It make me look a little older and actually very good, sorta why the hair swoosh works. But I would like it if it stopped receding, if that is so the case. Or maybe my brain is just getting bigger, so my head has to grow.  You want grandbabies eventually right?  I am probably going to go Walmart and just buy some simple multi vitamins anyways just cause it is good for me.  

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