Monday, September 16, 2013

I Like Trains

This week was very interesting. Last Wednesday I was able to go on splits with one the the Spanish Elders. We had dinner at a members house, all they spoke was Spanish and I spoke broken Spanish/Portuguese. Very fun. I fully understood 60% of everything that was said. I had an idea of the other stuff said. Very good food.

An Elder wanted me to ask, do we know a Steele Family in our stake?  (In the West Seattle Ward)
Oh, make sure that with the Wii, don't delete any of the data on there or throw it away. I have all of my Pokemon from Diamond Version on there.

Good news, we have a family in the ward that is fluent in Portuguese. The Dad served a mission to Brazil, The wife is a native and they taught all of the kids English and Portuguese. The Dad is out on training right now so I can't talk to him yet.

We will start Facebook at the beginning of next month if everything goes well.

Cool story of the week. Bro. Conover (he is in the air force Special Forces) hurt his back a bit, so we helped him mow his lawn. I did a lot of weed whacking. In turn he gave is a bunch of cool army swag. A water proof case, (I will be using to transport my xbox when I get home) and a old ammo can, useful for lots of things.   Ill be sending them home soon. And he also taught us how to use throwing knives. (mom says REALLY??)

Yup they are horses. I am not sure what language they speak, but I don't think it is Portuguese or English.

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