Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The things in the box are great, I like all of it. I like the applets more then the cotlets though.
I am going to ask that you limit your future boxes to small boxes. Anything more then a small box is just too stuff.
Yeah it snowed last week, we had almost 3 inches. I havn't been to the temple circa September.
I am glad you had a nice super bowl party.
This week was a pretty normal week. Except the snow.
Leave it to the Seahawks to win when I am not around.
Another Elder in my MTC district got his Visa. -_-
I like the photos of the kids Seahawks shirts. I kind of get to rub in win in everyones faces. Although I don't, because I am a missionary, and I don't really like football anyway.
Just waitin' for the visa to come through.

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