Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 - Post Halloween

The Trunk-R-Treat was also a chili cook off, so I was able to eat lots of chili.
We don't hang out with the bishop that often, we do hang out with the ward mission leader and ward missionaries a lot.  Elder McNaughton has been in the ward one week longer then I have.
We eat so much food in North Carolina. There will be days where we eat dinner at a members house and then we go with another member to a buffet. In the SAME NIGHT. I swear I am going to gain like 15 pounds before I leave.
My companion and I switched name tags for a Halloween costume
Our district, (like 8 missionaries living close) carved pumpkins last Monday. Most of the carvings where scriptural references. One Elder did a cyclops and put the reference for " An eye for an eye".
I have met one other Elder who is a "visa waiter"  He as been waiting longer then I have, is in the same mission in Brazil.

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