Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 in Camp Grande

Bom Dia,

Tell Grandma Benson  Happy Birthday for me! I miss Grandpa Purple.

Congrats for Brother Thomas.

Electrical problems, could be worse. At least you have electricity. 
The missionaries in the apartment forgot to pay the electric bill and so we were paying for it. (Figuratively and literally) For 1 week this transfer we were without energy in our house for 4 days. That was 4 days of cold showers in the morning. 4 days without cold water to drink; 4 days of sleeping without a fan; 4 days of coming home in the dark. All of the food in our refrigerator went bad, ants and cockroaches started to infest our food. 
The office Elders (who are normal missionaries ages 20ish) drag their feet when there is a problem so it took 4 days to turn back on.

And it could even be worse then that, you could be without water.
This time, the missionaries that were in the apartment before us forgot to pay the water bill, so we were paying for it. (Figuratively and literally)
For another 4 days we were without water. We had a bunch of 2-liter soda bottles in the fridge that helped. 
That was 4 days without taking a real shower, I took my "showers" with a 2-liter bottle. 4 days without flushing the toilet or washing our hands. Elder Duncan's #2 stayed in the Toilet for 3 days, in the heat; 4 days without dishes. Bugs had started to move in our sink and in our shower. It was not fun.
I finally had to call the water company and solve the problem myself because our Financial Secretary wouldn't do it. 

Electrical Problems in general happen alot here. The of the day causes the breakers to trip faster then normal, the quality of the wiring jobs and the wire them selves are not fantastic.

Good Job Uncle Scott. Kick Cancer's butt..

Campo Grande is super awesome. Its a lot cleaner and not as hot as Cuia-burn. The mission Scripture is Job 30:30.
Campo grande has mangoes growing in the street and all that cool stuff. Its got the colorful tropical birds flying around .

Here is a picture of an Owl that I upset by going to close to it's nest. At the park.
We can surf any church website. There are actually lots of things I like about Brazil. I don't really have a Favorite thing. They have lots of tasty candy. They also have a lot of fruits that the US doesn't have. The cultures is pretty cool, language is awesome. Soccer is cool. The nature here is pretty cool. People are super layed back. (which has its advantages and disadvantages)

Today we went to a park in the Center of Campo Grande, it was pretty cool. After we went to Burger King, Where I payed 20,50 for a whopper combo meal. Tasted basically identical to the whopper in the states. The restaurant basically looks the same too. Just a bit newer.

Coracões, Elder Nolan Gibb

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