Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 82

How often do you get to eat with members?  Like every day
Any good southern cooking?  Grits? Yes, that have good chicken and pork and barbecue, and fried foods. Their Asian food isn't that good. I do like their southern buffets, they are pretty tasty, a nice change. Haven't had grits yet. I am sort of in the sudo-south because of the military fort.
Tell us about your companion  My companion  hasn't gone to college yet. He played foot ball in high school. From Elkridge Utah. He makes good pancakes. I don't  cook for him, his birthday is in April. 
Yeah, its pretty flat here.
We have an investigator who I am pretty sure is going to be baptized. She is married to a returning less active. He is pretty gung ho about going back to church and they both are quitting smoking together. I have seen a real change in both of their countenances as they have stopped smoking and we have given then blessings of comfort as she had a loved one pass away.  Even though she hasn't been baptized yet her whole family looks happier.
I miss Corbin and Weston and Arden a lot. Tell Weston to get better. I do really miss hanging out with them.
Oh, and a side note. We finally had dinner with the Portuguese speaking family. Then the Mom and Dad spoke just to the kids they spoke in Portuguese. (Like for correcting behavior or whatever). I was able to understand it all. It was really fun. Sister Krengel (from Sao Paulo) cooked Brazilian food. It was really good. Bro Krengel didn't actually serve in Brazil. He just learned it from Sis Krengel. He actually served in North Carolina.


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